Urban Refuse & Recycling Bins


Inventronics Limited, a Canadian corporation, was founded in 1970, in Brandon, Manitoba, as a custom designer and manufacturer of metal enclosures. For nearly forty years, we have excelled in providing outsourced custom enclosure services for some of the best-known names in the telecommunications and electronics industries. Our products are primarily in service throughout North America but it is not uncommon to find Inventronics enclosures in International infrastructures.

Products Available

  1. Single Refuse Bin
  2. Single Recycling Bin
  3. Single Dog Bag Dispenser
  4. Refuse / Dog Dispenser Combo
  5. Refuse / Recycling Bin Combo
  6. Refuse / Recycling / Dog Dispenser Combo

Specifications Refuse Bins:

  • 14ga CRS Weld Assembly
  • Polyester Powder Paint

Dog Bag Dispensers: 

  • 14ga Galvanized Assembly
  • Keyed / 1/4 turn latch
  • Polyester Powder Paint