Inventronics Limited, a Canadian corporation, was founded in 1970, in Brandon, Manitoba, as a custom designer and manufacturer of metal enclosures intended for application in utility-type infrastructures. For half a century, Inventronics has excelled in providing protective enclosure solutions for some of the best-known names in the communications and electronics industries. These products are primarily in service throughout North America, but it is not uncommon to find Inventronics enclosures in International infrastructures.

Inventronics employs modern, cost-effective manufacturing processes for assured quality and delivery. ISO 9001:2015 standard, a standard that places a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction has allowed Inventronics to compete and grow its product offerings throughout North America.

These products house and protect passive and/or active components; and, most have been designed and manufactured to suit the needs of each customer. In some circumstances, the customer’s components are installed and delivered directly to the end user, providing a complete outsourcing service.

A growing number of Inventronics’ proprietary products can be purchased through distribution channels around the world.

Inventronics Limited Modern Slavery Report