Inventronics Manufacturing Capabilities 

Following customer approval of the enclosure design and engineering work, we convert the computer-assisted design (CAD) drawings into manufacturing specification instructions for our computerized metal fabrication equipment. The equipment cuts and forms metal into the sections required to construct the enclosure. They then undergo several stringent washing and drying processes before they receive powder-coat paint.  The enclosures are then assembled which includes the internal frame, custom components, accessories, labels and packaging.

Manufacturing Facilities

Inventronics applies world-class enclosure manufacturing practices and uses state-of-the-art equipment at our modern 70,000-square-foot production facility in Brandon, Manitoba. The facility, which recently received several million dollars of upgrades, is configured to produce custom metal enclosures in volumes ranging from single units to several hundred per order.  Inventronics has been independently audited and registered to the stringent new ISO 9001:2015 standard to ensure the utmost in quality and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Capabilities


We offer our enclosure customers’ galvanized steel, aluminium, cold-rolled steel, and/or stainless steel.

The punching machines accommodate steel as thick as 0.312 of an inch – in sheets usually measuring 4 by 8 feet, but also as large as 4 by 12 feet. Our punching machines' standard tolerance is +/- 0.02 of an inch. Under special circumstances, we can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.0005 of an inch. Contact us for details.

The forming machines accommodate steel as thick as 0.250 of an inch, in sheets of various dimensions including 4 by 8 feet, 4 by 10 feet, 35 by 102 inches, and 42 by 48 inches. Our forming machines' standard tolerance is +/- .0.02 of an inch. Under special circumstances, we can achieve tolerances of +/- 0.0005 of an inch. Contact us for details.

Our machine shop is fully equipped and includes modern lathes and milling machines, grinders, arm drills and heat-treating ovens.

We offer MIG, TIG and spot welding.


Our five-stage washer system is ideal for eliminating oil, grease and other contaminants before painting, to achieve maximum paint adherence, corrosion protection, and a high-quality finish. Our continuous dry paint system, featuring a bake oven and dry-off oven, accommodates enclosure components as wide as 32 inches, as high as 45 inches, and as long as 96 inches, with 120 inches possible in special circumstances. We also have a batch powder finishing system for even larger components. Customers can choose from a variety of durable, attractive finishes.

We assemble our customers' enclosures as welded units or with a combination of mechanical fasteners (bolts, rivets, etc.) We incorporate standard or customized hardware, and provide cable stubbing, custom wiring, component integration, silk screening and labeling services.

Enterprise Resource Planning
We employ leading edge Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to ensure accurate and timely enclosure delivery for all of our customers.

We produce prototypes for virtually all our enclosure designs to verify manufacturability and provide customers with the opportunity to test-fit electronics, communication devices, or other components. Prototypes also enable our customers to conduct ‘live’ field trials to ensure the proposed enclosures effectively address a variety of potential field conditions. We offer a wide range of testing services to ensure our customers' enclosures will consistently achieve what they were designed to do.